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A BOOK TO DIE FOR (Kaye and Nick mysteries series 2) by PDF

homicide and mayhem run amok whilst newlyweds, Kaye Wells, secret author, and Nick Tanner, inner most investigator, meet writer Daphne Purcel at a writer's convention in Kerrville, Texas.
Best identified for her romance novels, Daphne is using excessive with the good fortune of her first secret, stuck within the Act. Her ebook is predicated on a real tale, which her husband informed her approximately in advance of his dying. How he helped cover-up the homicide of a blackmailer who had visible a few male students kill and bury the physique of a tender girl they'd attempted to rape.
Daphne hires Nick to determine who has been making demise threats opposed to her. They subsequent morning, Kaye and Nick locate Daphne lifeless in her mattress, and a Voodoo gris-gris in her kitchen.
Did Daphne die as a result of a Voodoo curse? Or used to be it a middle assault? Or almost certainly revenge? Kaye and Nick got down to locate the answer.
The observe is out that stuck within the Act is predicated on a real tale which explains Daphne is useless. The checklist of suspects grow.
Was it Daphne's publicist or agent, who're basking within the overwhelming luck of the book?
Was it the crazed fan who believed that Daphne stole her story?
Was it Daphne's bestfriend simply because she discovered Daphne and her husband have been having an affair? Or the Santeria witch she hired?
Was it Daphne's husband's ex-business companion who's as much as his eyeballs in debt to a personal loan shark and may inherit her 1/2 the enterprise and a pleasant coverage pay-out?
One by means of one the suspects begin to die off. The query now could be, why?

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